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D'Sanctine Weyr takes place in 10th Pass Pern. AIVAS was never discovered, and Thread still falls on the planet. Overpopulating causes stress in the Weyrs, which leads to the foundation of a new southern Weyr, dubbed D'Sanctine. A Hold is founded to support the Weyr, titled Sanctis Hold. Old riders and prospective candidates flock to the new Weyr for a chance at an easier, less crowded life, but the hatching of dragons of strange colors has left the more conservative holds and Weyrs in the north uneasy. The political atmosphere is tense as a drawn bowstring-- it is only a matter of time before the arrow is loosed.

Current Events
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Summer - P10 T16

5/4/17 - Mornings have been foggy thanks to warm days and cool evenings. There was recently a routine Threadfall that only resulted in a few injuries and no fatalities. The weyrfolk are gathering and brewing up some vats of numbweed to resupply, so a section of the Weyr is going to be awfully stinky for a few days.

4/1/17 - Fall has arrived, and with it pleasant breezes and the occasional storm. It's by no means cold, but it isn't as impossibly hot and humid as summer gets.
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Angora of Blue Ferith

M'ari of Green Valenth

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Cryssa of Blue Cindath

Sennet of Blue Sennesk

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Kalen of Gold Kalesk
Ceanna of Green Ceannsk


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 [Turn's End Gather] Bits, baubles and bobbers, Glassworks Galore
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 07:40 PM

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Mak blinked slowly at the two of them...well okay slowly for her was probably an average speed blink for most everyone else. Addressing the pot issue first she peered down at it then shrugged "I dunno what it is but it will grow back, that's the...fifth or sixth time he's eaten it."

Finally peering at Zai she giggled in amusement then leaned over to peer at the basket of veggies under the table "Uh...sure! more carrots are always good, you know I bet you could foist them off on the ladies at the weyr for soup and they would love you."
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 09:45 PM

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"I Uh, might be avoiding certain ladies at the weyer thanks to."

A non-rider from the weyer paused, and gave Zai's ass a firm slap as she passed.

"... Dave keeps certain expectations artificially high? Look, I cannot enter the kitchen. It's a thing. So Please eat the veggies I am too tired to live up to what the kitchen expects."

She looked almost pleading.

Zai of Daevith Post Master, rider of a blue ball of optimism.
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