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D'Sanctine Weyr takes place in 10th Pass Pern. AIVAS was never discovered, and Thread still falls on the planet. Overpopulating causes stress in the Weyrs, which leads to the foundation of a new southern Weyr, dubbed D'Sanctine. A Hold is founded to support the Weyr, titled Sanctis Hold. Old riders and prospective candidates flock to the new Weyr for a chance at an easier, less crowded life, but the hatching of dragons of strange colors has left the more conservative holds and Weyrs in the north uneasy. The political atmosphere is tense as a drawn bowstring-- it is only a matter of time before the arrow is loosed.

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Summer - P10 T16

5/4/17 - Mornings have been foggy thanks to warm days and cool evenings. There was recently a routine Threadfall that only resulted in a few injuries and no fatalities. The weyrfolk are gathering and brewing up some vats of numbweed to resupply, so a section of the Weyr is going to be awfully stinky for a few days.

4/1/17 - Fall has arrived, and with it pleasant breezes and the occasional storm. It's by no means cold, but it isn't as impossibly hot and humid as summer gets.
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 Shop Items, Abilities and the Clutching Potion
 Posted: Mar 9 2017, 09:03 AM

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    This allows a dragon to breathe fire without chewing firestone, and when they do chew firestone, they can have hotter, longer tongues of fire than other dragons without this ability.
Total Recall
    Total Recall allows an individual to remember in crystal clarity every place they have ever been and go between without the aid of their rider or handler. Sometimes, if they have an image supplied to them from someone else or even a firelizard or a detailed drawing, they may use that as a reference point as well-- but one should always be careful not to remember the details too clearly, lest they land in the wrong time.
    An individual with Chronography always knows when they are in time. Of course, knowing is only half the battle, but it could still aid a misplaced dragon in returning to the appropriate time.
    Dragonkin possessing Polymathy have a photographic memory for skills and activities. For example, a wher whose Bonded is a smith might remember the details of forging and shaping metal, or a dragon might easily remember the alphabet and how to read. Really, Polymathy could cover nearly any subject, it just does not allow an individual to do the things that Total Recall and Chronography do.
    A very basic ability, limited to dragons, that allows them to recognize people with the sensitivity to be dragonriders.
    Dragonkin with this ability can sense the source of injury or illness in another creature, whether it be human, dragonkind or beast. Without training, it allows the individual to vaguely point out the source, for example, "It hurts sharply here." Other time and through study, an individual could pinpoint what it is and explain the exact problem, for example, "It has a hairline fracture on its leg two inches above its ankle." It also makes the presence of an individual with this ability exceptionally soothing, which can be useful for calming down patients.
    Empathy allows an individual to sense more acutely the emotions of those around it. In the beginning, this might mean that they are often overwhelmed when in a crowd, but after time spent honing their ability they could choose to feel things more acutely or to conversely tune things out. Dragonkin with empathy are able to sense and better understand most any creature, be it human, dragonkind, or beast-- however, humans, dragons and whers might prove more difficult than simpler species.
Breath Mutation
    This is a new mutation that whers are beginning to develop that allows them to chew firestone and breathe fire like their dragon and firelizard cousins. However, one must still discover that the wher is capable of this by feeding them firestone to begin with, which means many with mutation might never find out if they aren't looking for it.
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 01:10 PM

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Clutching Potion

    This is a fairly straightforward potion that allows a female dragon that would not normally be able to clutch to produce eggs. Their infertility as a result of having chewed firestone might be negated so long as the female in question takes the required dosage every day and does not chew firestone while attempting to clutch. It is not guaranteed to work, but is increasingly likely to over time.

    You get free refills to characters who have already purchased this. Limit one per dragon; multiple doses do not increase chances of conception, and you are not allowed to share it with another player/character.

    The affected dragon must succeed a d20 roll; the first time she rolls, she must get 19 or 20 to clutch. Every time after, her chances are increased. The second time she must roll 17 or higher, the third time she must roll 15 or higher, and so forth. Staff must witness your rolls on the D'Sanctine Discord server.

    Furthermore, the dragon may produce 1-4 eggs, the color range of which will be decided by her and the sire. A green and a brown could produce green, blue and brown offspring. If one of the parents is one of the noncanon colors, they may also produce noncanon colors; so for example, if a green and a ruby produce a clutch, their eggs could hatch quartz, amethyst or ruby dragons in addition to green, blue and brown.
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