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D'Sanctine Weyr takes place in 10th Pass Pern. AIVAS was never discovered, and Thread still falls on the planet. Overpopulating causes stress in the Weyrs, which leads to the foundation of a new southern Weyr, dubbed D'Sanctine. A Hold is founded to support the Weyr, titled Sanctis Hold. Old riders and prospective candidates flock to the new Weyr for a chance at an easier, less crowded life, but the hatching of dragons of strange colors has left the more conservative holds and Weyrs in the north uneasy. The political atmosphere is tense as a drawn bowstring-- it is only a matter of time before the arrow is loosed.

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Summer - P10 T16

5/4/17 - Mornings have been foggy thanks to warm days and cool evenings. There was recently a routine Threadfall that only resulted in a few injuries and no fatalities. The weyrfolk are gathering and brewing up some vats of numbweed to resupply, so a section of the Weyr is going to be awfully stinky for a few days.

4/1/17 - Fall has arrived, and with it pleasant breezes and the occasional storm. It's by no means cold, but it isn't as impossibly hot and humid as summer gets.
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 AS: End of Class (Grad)
 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 08:20 PM

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C'ven hummed, rifling through the basket sitting on the small table next to him. He'd called the class together this day to celebrate their graduation from Weyrlinghood, though he himself did not know them as well as he might have wanted to. V'ren's teaching had been...less than satisfactory in his opinion, and he worried that he might be releasing these new riders without the best training possible, but he had to remind himself that he was not necessarily the best either. Maybe the best D'Sanctine had, but...that was about it. He let the knots slip through his fingers as he considered them, then shrugged at Jessath's wordless question.

Truth be told, he was unsettled. But the Weyrlings did deserve to graduate, because everything he had seen of them had been satisfactory. They knew their drills, they could go between without his direction, they could aim their flame just fine. Anything else they needed to learn would come from a Wingleader or from experience, neither of which he could just spend a lesson on and be done with.

When the class gathered he smiled at them, folding his arms over his chest. It wasn't as sad a moment as some previous graduations had been, again because he just was not as close to him, but he was still proud. "Thank you all for coming so quickly," he started, looking around at the riders and then at the dragons. "I'm sure you all know what today is, and to you dragons, I would like to say: happy hatching day. You are a full Turn old now, and that means you and your riders are ready to move on from my instruction."

He touched a sheet of paper on the table in front of the desk. "Here I have your wing assignments, but we will focus on that later. You each have your own personal weyrs, so we don't need to cover that." He picked up the basket, which was divided into two halves with a slim piece of wood. "I don't have any pretty words for you. We already know what being a rider can mean. We've lost a few along the way, but I am sure they would be proud of you today, just as I am." He gave the basket a gentle shake and smiled. "I'd like for you each to come exchange your Weyrling knots for your Wingrider knots, and then you can look at the list and see where you sit. If you are keen to change anything, you must take it up with the Weyrleader. As of now, I am no longer in charge of you."

He paused, then snorted a laugh. "But don't think you can go bossing me and Jessath around for revenge. I know I worked you hard, and many of you outrank me as riders, but I am still the Weyrlingmaster!"

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Weyrlingmaster Civen of Blue Jessath
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Played by Seirye
 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 10:12 PM

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The day had finally come.

Oiled to gleaming, a gemstone made of sky, Memfiseth was stately and beautiful, and the golden markings around his eyes made him look all the more fetching. On the day that he had hatched, his throat had been wounded and from there it had healed into an unseemly silver-green scar. At least, the blue thought it was unseemly. Hana thought it made him look fierce.

The problem with it had arisen later in life, though the dragonhealers suggested this was a deformity he was born with, not one inflicted on him by his wound. Memfiseth could not flame, and therefore he would never participate in any Wing outside that of the queens. Hana was a little disappointed, but not as much as Memfiseth was. He wouldn't show it to anybody besides her, but it upset him deeply, and she tried to assuage his insecurity whenever she could. It was hard; he struggled, feeling like less of a dragon, inferior to his siblings and everyone else because he was unable to perform this simple task dragons were born to do.

Dragons were born to do something else, too. They were born to fly, so instead of training with firestone like the other weyrlings, Hana pushed him as soon as he could fly to be better at it than anybody else. It had worked to give him more confidence, gave him something to focus on, and even though they had gotten in trouble for pushing a little too hard a little too early, they kept at it. V'ren would find reasons to get pissy with them if they didn't give him one, so Hana resolved to give no fucks about what he thought.

Now, V'ren was thankfully gone, and Memfiseth was better than ever; he was beautiful and possessing of a serpentine grace, long of leg, neck and tail. His wings were broad and well-shaped, and he held himself with pride as he stood alongside his classmates on their very last day of being a weyrling. His would trade in her knots, and then it would be official.

'I'm no less of a dragonman just because you can't flame,' Hana told him privately, resting a hand on his foreleg. He glanced down to her, eyes tinged with yellow and orange concern at their edges. In the centers, they were blue surrounded by green, his mixture of emotions readily displayed; joy, eagerness, impatience, worry, insecurity.

After all, you are riding a dragon more swift than any other. He lifted his lips in a toothy dragon-grin, his confidence so tentative that it was almost feigned. She patted him and offered him a fierce grin of her own, and if they weren't supposed to be dignified as Weyrlingmaster C'ven addressed them, she might've laughed and hugged him.

Her Memfiseth.

She had not expected him to come in the package he had, but he was everything she had ever wanted him to be, and here they were together. They were grown, they were ready to take on the world, and she assured him-- they might not fly in the same circles as their fellows, but they did fly as permanent fixtures in the Queens' Wing, which meant they might be able to forge connections better than anybody else. They could change things, make them better, and they would bow to no bronzerider.

Together, he promised her, leaning slightly closer. She could not help but smile, which perhaps looked silly-- but maybe any other dragonpair would understand that they were having a silent exchange. Today was a day worth smiling about, anyways.


Hana of Blue Memfiseth

accompanied by firelizards Rose Quartz Daisy and White Quartz Dusty

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 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 03:48 AM

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I'fet had not come to D'Sanctine, had not slithered her way into candidacy in the genuine hope of Impressing to a dragon. Dragonmen were honorable, bound to a code that would act not as something to elevate her but something that would chain her down. It had never been a desire of hers, and if she really desired a bonded pet, she would have chosen a firelizard or wher over a dragon.

Yet, Senith was not just any dragon. The moment she had laid eyes upon him, her aspirations had come to a crashing halt, his infant mind irrevocably entwined with her own; and they were one, and now they were here. A whole Turn, they had been together. She had plotted and planned, thought and devised-- but now that they were here, she was lost. It was finally happening. They were a fully-fledged dragonpair, and she was not quite so certain about anything.

We have much to do, yes? the blue asked of her, lowering his head and pressing his velvety nose against her side. Gold glittered at his nostril like exotic jewelry, and she traced the swirls of gold around his eyes.

"Oh, Senith," she murmured to him, pressing her face against his cheek, exhaling a soft sigh as the tension left her shoulders. Even touching him, a physical connection with her other half, was enough to relieve her of her burdens.

You worry too much. We shall take what we are given, and make the most of it. We will right the injustices in the world, my I'fet. I promised you this on the day that we met, and it is the one thing I shall never forget. Sensible and level-headed, he had always been everything that I'fet needed in an anchor, and she reached up to rub the ridges over his eyes fondly.

"You are the best part of me," she told him sincerely, and perhaps if dragons could smile, Senith would have.

I'fet of Blue Senith

accompanied by firelizard Obsidian Onyx

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 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 07:43 AM

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It is today, Bravinath all but hummed with excitement. It had been a year since his hatching - perhaps more than a year. They had been moved into a weyr fitting of a bronze in size and scale high upon the cliffs where they might keep watch over the 'bowl. He had flown to Chase a rising Queen. It was high time his class had graduated. And the young bronze was looking forward to it - he and his siblings had earned this, would continue to earn it through every Turn of service protecting their Weyr from harm. It is today, Ca'in. We will be fully fledged riders, equal to any other. We will fly and fight, we will be glorious!

Ca'in smirked slightly as she saw to cinching Bravinath's harness. Her bronze held himself mostly still save for the twitching tip of his forked tail and his taloned foreclaws tapping the stone of his ledge. She could feel the nervous excitement of him, the desire to be off. Well, no reason to put it off.

"We will be," she agreed with a low laugh, in high spirits. With one more glance over his harness, she climbed into her seat affixed one of the straps to her belt - just in case. She didn't expect to fall but... well it was a good habit to keep safe. "Ready when you are, Bravo."

The young bronze gave a hearty bugle and leaped from their ledge, his broad wings outstretched in a gentle glide down to where Weyrlingmaster C'ven and Jessath awaited. They were among the first few of their class to alight, and Bravinath stood straight and proud as Ca'in slid down from his back.

They didn't know C'ven or Jessath especially well, beyond that the human of the pair had kept a hawk's glare watch over the Weyrling Barracks. But still, they were Weyrlingmasters and Bravinath would brook no argument over the fact that they held rank and would be listened to - not that Ca'in had cause to argue! The pair stood at attention and listened when C'ven spoke. And then, when they were bid to do so, Ca'in stepped forward to exchange her Weyrling's knots for those of a Wingrider. She forced her features into an appropriately stoic set as they knots were bestowed upon her, but when she returned to her dragon's side she all but beamed. Bravinath shifted out of his regal posture and craned his head down to peer at the knots as well, rumbling a low sound of pleasure.

Ca'in of Bronze Bravinath
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 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 11:19 AM

Assistant Weyrlingmaster
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J'lor stood, listening as C'ven congratulated the now 1 year old dragonpairs. A full year had passed, his life had changed dramatically since coming to the Weyr, and then at impressing Sabath, the latter perhaps more life-altering than the first.

He had been ecstatic at being searched for candidacy, his months learning were well spent, he had made friends, amassed a small fair of firelizards, and found new comfort with himself. He had grown so much in those months.

The only thing that could have made it better happened at the first hatching he stood for. He thought back to when he first met what would hatch to be his bonded dragon. Having laid his hand on the shell of an egg that just seemed to draw him in, the shadowy form of a dragon eluding any sort of inspection a candidate might be able to give it. The feeling of flowing, of water. The image of a snowy wonderland, of a small stream, of a family of beavers all came rushing to him. His own invitation to the dragon to join his family. It had all come to fruition when Sabath, dark brown with gleaming gold markings had chosen him. His mind felt more whole than J'lor knew it could when Sabath's mind joined his own.

Not that their bond was always easy. Sabath had a tendency towards fantasy and mystique that was not particularly useful, nor was it always amusing. Sabath had calmed somewhat, but every so often the brown spoke in his airy dreamy mental tone that invariably caused J'lor to roll his eyes. He had on more than one occasion had to convince either a young or a particularly gullible dragon that Sabath was, in fact, full of it.

Despite the conflict between them, they had made a good pair. J'lor thought about his future, and the fact that he would be assisting the man now addressing them in educating the future of the Weyr. It seemed like his own future was taking a direction that suited them and the rider was looking forward to it.

We will be great, how could we not be? The brown's telepathic words were not said in an airy, dreamy tone; Nor were they said in a cocky manner, it was a simple matter of fact to the brown. His confidence touched J'lor and he was so excited to see what came next.

J'lor of Brown Sabath
Assistant Weyrlingmaster
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