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D'Sanctine Weyr takes place in 10th Pass Pern. AIVAS was never discovered, and Thread still falls on the planet. Overpopulating causes stress in the Weyrs, which leads to the foundation of a new southern Weyr, dubbed D'Sanctine. A Hold is founded to support the Weyr, titled Sanctis Hold. Old riders and prospective candidates flock to the new Weyr for a chance at an easier, less crowded life, but the hatching of dragons of strange colors has left the more conservative holds and Weyrs in the north uneasy. The political atmosphere is tense as a drawn bowstring-- it is only a matter of time before the arrow is loosed.

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Summer - P10 T16

5/4/17 - Mornings have been foggy thanks to warm days and cool evenings. There was recently a routine Threadfall that only resulted in a few injuries and no fatalities. The weyrfolk are gathering and brewing up some vats of numbweed to resupply, so a section of the Weyr is going to be awfully stinky for a few days.

4/1/17 - Fall has arrived, and with it pleasant breezes and the occasional storm. It's by no means cold, but it isn't as impossibly hot and humid as summer gets.
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 RS: Where Are We? (M8)
 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 09:24 PM

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Instead of telling the class exactly where they were going, C'ven thought: why not make this a little more interesting? Challenging?

He had spoken of recognition points to the Roaring Skies class at length, putting into words the images they would later be using. It was important to have a functioning imagination when it came to putting the images together, because even if you hadn't been there before, you could reasonably work off of...well, okay, maybe you had to have an image. He would never even dare suggest a Weyrling--or any rider--try to go between without an image for reference.

Of course, this class had never been between before, not on their own dragons. He had called them together, told them to come with harnesses and wearing their riding gear. Since most of them flew with their dragons to class, this was not necessarily unusual, but he had warned them: wear your warm riding gear. They were not staying in the South!

He and Jessath had scouted a handful of locations for them to take the Weyrlings to in the weeks before the lesson. They had settled on two specifically, possible two more, and were excited for the lesson as well. When the class gathered, C'ven was already mounted, Jessath standing and ready to take off.

Instead of shouting, the blue passed on instructions for him. We will be going between today. If you are nervous, that is okay. It is natural. We are all nervous. This will be an easy process, and you will understand once we have taken our first jump. Do not over-think it. Your body and mind will know what they need to do for this to happen. He turned his head to look at C'ven, then continued, I will put an image in your minds. It will be much like when you want to show your other half something, so do not be alarmed. Please follow me into the sky.

He crouched and pushed off, wings beating to bring him up above the rim of the bowl. He waited patiently for everyone to gain the same height, then presented them an image of snowy mountains. A pause followed, and then he tried to impress on them the feeling of going between, something he only shared with the dragons. The humans would not understand: they could not go between, could only be carried there. He then lifted his head a little, looking back at C'ven. When he gives the command, you will do as I just tried to show you. Keep the image I have shared with you fixed in your mind. It will be our destination.

A brief moment after he stopped speaking, C'ven raised his arm to give the command to go between, and they disappeared.

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Weyrlingmaster Civen of Blue Jessath
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 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 01:46 PM

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A'nia and Nihath had been one of the ones to fly to class. The green enjoyed the short flight ans A'nia refused to be the one to take away that small pleasure for the green. With Jessaths instructions she pulled on her heavier and warmer riding gear. Checking the harness one last time she climbed up and strapped her self in. Nihath jumped into the air and flew the short time to Jessaths side. A'nia slid down and stood next to the green. Even with the fall air and breeze it got hot under the ridding leather quickly.

" Between. Mine did you hear. I wonder how that is going to work? Where will we be going? Will we stay here or go somewhere else?" A'nia smiled up at the excited Green.

"We will just have to wait and find out my love." On cue a image of snowy montain tops came to her mind. Jessath had provided the image and now she knew why they had to were warm clothing. Nihath hmmed at the image,

" where is that at? What is that white stuff on the mountain? Is it rock?"

"We are going North Nihath and that white stuff is called snow. Its going to be cold but not as cold as between. " She climbed back up and starpped herself in. Nihath jumped back into the air and hovered. A'nia kept the image as clear as she could in her mind.

Nihath felt a weird sensation. Jessath had explained that that was what they were going to feel when they went between. The feeling was familiar but at the same time different and strange. A'nia and she waited for C'ven to give the signal, the image of the mountains strong in their minds. With the signal given Nihath went between. It was cold. Colder than they had ever felt and then it was gone replaced with a lesser cold. Nihath glanced around at the snowy montains in awe, A'nia let out a breath of relief, they had made it to their destination and she couldn't be happier.

A'nia of green Nihath
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 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 11:45 PM

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Ever since they had first been cleared to fly together, Kaeli and Kokoth had been doing so at every opportunity. How could they not, when this was what they were made for, what they should be doing? How could Kaeli deny Kokoth the joy of flying with her, or herself the joy of being in the air? Once she had gotten past her initial reservations, and had realized that despite his quirks he would never let anything happen to her, she was able to enjoy the experience.

As much of a wiggle worm he was both on the ground and in the sky, Kokoth proved to be a decent flyer. He could fly a straight line when needed, though she found he had a tendency to wander in the air as much as he did when he walked, zigging and zagging and dipping and raising as he saw fit. For the most part she let him, adjusting to the way different movements felt, and just simply enjoyed their time spent together.

It was as rewarding for Kokoth as it was for his rider. It brought them closer together, and he was able to bring her into a part of his life that she otherwise would not experience. He showed her things from his eyes--colors skewed often because of his colorblindness, but beautiful anyway. She was shocked to see just how much the wind meant to him, though she had always known it was important, and had spent the day rubbing her arms when he showed her what a thermal felt like when it touched his hide.

They arrived by flight, Kokoth dropping to the ground like a stone at the last second, trotting a few steps to burn off the momentum. Kaeli scowled and unclipped herself the moment he was still, then paused, seeing that C'ven was mounted. That was usually a good sign that their lesson would be in the air, so she clipped herself back onto Kokoth's harness, settling in to wait. The blue crooned at his siblings, even as he lowered his head to sniff around the ground.

Kaeli kept him focused with some effort, smacking his back to get his attention when he started to wander off. If they were going to go between he really needed to focus, because she very much did not want to get lost in the middle of a mountain somewhere. When Jessath presented the image Kokoth did settle down and start listening, interested to see how this would work.

Kaeli wondered at the snowy mountains as Kokoth re-gained the air, hovering patiently while they waited for the command. She was glad it was snow, because she was sweating under her leathers, but she wasn't sure she would ever get Kokoth to come home from it. It was actual, genuinely edible ground-stuff, and how could she tell him to stop eating it? She couldn't help but grin, knowing he would have a field day, and kept the image in her mind.

C'ven gave the signal without much further warning, and Kaeli nudged Kokoth eagerly, keeping the snowy mountains locked in her mind. Just after Jessath disappeared they followed, engulfed by the inky black of between. Kaeli had been there before, once or twice, but Kokoth had not. He clung to her mind desperately, shocked by the complete absence of any sensation--

--And then they were free, Kokoth dropping a dragonlength before he caught himself with a startled honk, striving to re-gain the altitude of the class. His eyes were stuck below on the ground, on the snow everywhere, and already Kaeli was fighting to reign him in. "Come on, not yet--Kokoth!" She squealed a laugh as he dove for the ground, pulling up and landing in a pile of snow, sending it flying. His rider did not even have a chance to dismount before he was pouncing around in the snow, biting it and flinging mouthfuls into the sky with excited honks.

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Weyrling Kaeli of Blue Kokoth
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 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 11:56 PM

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Like many of their classmates, Araath and T'ik arrived by air rather than walking. While Araath was not quite so energetic as some of her classmates, she still greatly enjoyed flying with her rider, and the pair made a point of flying about the Weyr together once a day outside of lessons, time spent just for them to focus on each other, discuss their days, spend time together. It helped them both relax and provided them both a chance to reconnect with each other, when otherwise they might have been too busy with training and duties.

Araath, growing steadily, was becoming quite the solid green. A lot of her baby fat had melted off, transformed into muscle hidden under velvet-smooth hide. T'ik thought she was exceptionally beautiful, and he also thought that she would be incredibly well suited to sneaking through trees at night, her hide matte instead of shining and less likely to draw attention. Araath did not think they were going to be doing any sneaking about any time soon.

She landed carefully but not with any particular grace, her shorter legs robbing her of much opportunity to do so. Still, she had taken to flying very well, and even after a lesson and a personal flight did not end the day too tired. T'ik patted her neck affectionately and grinned, kicking his legs idly as he waited.

It wasn't long before C'ven started speaking, and T'ik was not surprised to hear they would start going between. He knew dragons tended to be trained in it around this age, and he and Araath had spent so much time studying the medical field that he felt their memories might serve them exceptionally well here. Details were an easy thing to keep track of, and then exchanged a pleased look while the Weyrlingmaster spoke.

They took to the skies when instructed, T'ik pulling his riding jacket closer about himself. He didn't mind the heat of it, but he was excited to see the snow presented to them in the image. He hoped C'ven would let them land and play a little, because Araath was expressing some curiosity as well. It wasn't long before they were given the command to go between and Jessath disappeared.

Despite his anxieties, Araath took them between as well, holding herself close to her rider mentally to soothe him. This is a part of what I was made for, T'ik. Please have no fear. I promise, I will never get us lost.

Secretly, he did not think she could guarantee something like that, but he let her have it. They came out over the snowy mountains and T'ik let out a relieved sigh, rubbing at Araath's neck. She rumbled, pleased that they had done it successfully, then tilted her head as Kokoth dropped from the sky.

There he goes, she laughed, sharing the words with her others. I am not surprised he went right for the snow. I admit to some curiosity myself! She, however, waited at least for an approving nod from Jessath and his rider before she followed Kokoth's example. With less frolicking and more curious licking, plus some high-stepping.

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Weyrling T'ik of Green Araath
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 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 11:41 AM

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As always, the bronzepair remained quiet and stoic as they listened to the instructions they received. T'ryn thought that this would be an easy lesson for Oryth, who had on more than one occasion attempted a trip between based on an image the dragon had received from someone or something unknown to T'ryn.

T'ryn was suspecting that there was another peculiarity involved with the situation. The Bronze had already displayed an ability to flame without firestone, and now, T'ryn suspected, the dragon could go between with little direction and vague references. T'ryn had stopped every attempt before it came to fruition, but the Bronze's confidence was suspicious.

As Jessath's reference found its way to Oryth's mind, the bronze did not hesitate at all, he waited for T'ryn's direction not to follow his instincts, for the Bronze would always listen to his rider's direction, but when he did not receive any protestation from T'ryn, Oryth jumped between following the blue to their snowy destination.

When they arrived above the snowy mountains, Oryth gave a satisfied rumble, still airborne, the pair did not remain stationary in the air and glided around while they waited for their classmates to join them.

Weyrling T'ryn of Bronze Oryth
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