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D'Sanctine Weyr takes place in 10th Pass Pern. AIVAS was never discovered, and Thread still falls on the planet. Overpopulating causes stress in the Weyrs, which leads to the foundation of a new southern Weyr, dubbed D'Sanctine. A Hold is founded to support the Weyr, titled Sanctis Hold. Old riders and prospective candidates flock to the new Weyr for a chance at an easier, less crowded life, but the hatching of dragons of strange colors has left the more conservative holds and Weyrs in the north uneasy. The political atmosphere is tense as a drawn bowstring-- it is only a matter of time before the arrow is loosed.

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Summer - P10 T16

5/4/17 - Mornings have been foggy thanks to warm days and cool evenings. There was recently a routine Threadfall that only resulted in a few injuries and no fatalities. The weyrfolk are gathering and brewing up some vats of numbweed to resupply, so a section of the Weyr is going to be awfully stinky for a few days.

4/1/17 - Fall has arrived, and with it pleasant breezes and the occasional storm. It's by no means cold, but it isn't as impossibly hot and humid as summer gets.
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 Swimming (M5), Tags: Wherlings of Beast of Blood Clutch
 Posted: Apr 20 2017, 06:52 PM

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The older red headed woman stood by the edge of the large lake with Galask sitting at her right. She wore only a form fitting tank top and pair of shorts without her normal boots. With a large smile, she turned and found a nice rock to sit on while waiting on the wherpups and their handlers. She hadn't told them about this lesson, just told them to wear light clothing, and had drudges bring out some glows for them. This lesson would be teaching the pups how to swim. "I hope I didn't plan this one too late in their development."

Galask laid down in the grass and grumbled. We throw them?

Gala chuckled, "We might. It was how I got you to learn how to swim, yeah?" She hummed quietly as she bask in the moonlight. "Clear skies and warm evening. Perfect time for a quick dip, eh?"


Galask (Aura of Command) Hex Code:#5772D2

 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 11:55 PM

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Alu was uncertain about the call for 'light clothing' for this lesson, however, she arrived dressed in a pair of small shorts and a half shirt. She was hoping this was the proper attire for such things. She smiles uncertainly at Gala, while Alusk shuffles up behind her, looking around. He notices the water and sighs, or seems to. Bath? He didn't often speak coherently to others, and it was clear he was trying, if not outright forcing, himself to be understood. He just had a bath. Why did he ned another one?

~Wherling Alu~
~Sister to Xun~
Wher Blue Alusk

-Played by Xun-
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